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We’re All Better Together

At Robert O. Stachura, CFP®, we take the same approach with our clients’ advisors as we do with our clients; because our clients are also yours. The easier it is for our clients to work seamlessly with each of their advisors, the more effective and memorable the experience for everyone involved.

We begin every relationship through an open and honest conversation with each client. Part of what makes this conversation so crucial is discovering not only where we can apply our expertise but also where our clients are currently being fulfilled. We establish this open dialogue because we know the critical role attorneys, accountants, and other advisors play in helping those we serve achieve financial freedom and independence. Our vision, with your help, is that this partnership ultimately produces a creative, one-of-a-kind financial plan our clients wouldn’t have otherwise received.

Anne Arundel Estate Planning Council

One of the ways Robert, in particular, lives out this mission is by supporting the Anne Arundel Estate Planning Council. His involvement allows the firm to facilitate and build close relationships with those interested in building a more comprehensive experience for their clients in the surrounding area of Anne Arundel County.

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